“I’ll lose it all to save their innocence”

God We Need You Now

Rapper, producer and Grandson of the great Waylon Jennings has taken a stand, publicly and unapologetically.

Mid October of 2020, Struggle Jennings released ‘God We Need You Now’ featuring Caitlynne Curtis, a Nashville native, singer and songwriter. The song tackles issues of today’s situation, such as America’s domestic feud through political divide and the brewing hate on its coattail. Struggle approaches his platform to highlight the cultural gap, not to sway political outlooks, instead, he offers listeners from either standpoint some commonality opposed to culling one side to appraise the other. This perspective was best penned in the following line “Agenda is to push the hate, separate and segregate, don’t celebrate quite yet, the storm is coming, cue for heaven’s sake”. The first verse continues to speak on and criticise the polarisation that is happening not only in America, but most of the world.

The second verse is where Struggle is first heard mentioning a topic which later becomes a much larger and public stance, “Don’t question their objective but I gotta lot of questions, how these kids molested but nobody’s been arrested, read it in the Testament these children are protected”. Amongst all that 2020 had to offer was the outing of numerous scandals involving the abuse of children by public figures, celebrity’s and representatives of religious organisations. ‘God We Need You Now’ came with a powerful music video that showed Struggle leading with entourage as they walk through the wilderness in formation, the chorus showed Caitlynne Curtis in a darkened room with puppet strings, dictating her movements, a flagrant visualisation of the tracks overall message. Onward from the record, Struggle further solidified his stance with the release of new merchandise, an open and outright attack against child abusers, and a call for his fans to join the fight. 


The stand that the rapper took was well received, many fans brought the new merchandise and expressed that they were relieved to see a public figure speak on the subject. Struggle saw not only an opportunity to raise awareness on an international level, but a chance to be the voice for so many people that have grown tired of the lack of publicity that the heavy topic receives.

Struggle went on to announce that a second song, solely targeting the matter of child abuse was to be released, which would feature his daughter and fellow songwriter, Brianna Harness. Along with the new track was a behind the scenes video that was shot alongside the making of the music video. The behind the scenes footage included a brief interview with Struggle, an extract from which is below.

“People just want to hide from s**t that’s real. I was reading somewhere, I think the term for it is cognitive dissonance. Where something is so shocking to you, that you’re trained defence mechanism, mentally, is to block it out and say, that can’t be real, or that can’t be true. Well, the s**t is real, the s**t is true, it’s happening to our babies and its time for us to step up more, you know? Straight up, so, I know I’m gonna protect mine and anyone around me, and any child I ever see… that’s what this song is about.”

Cry For Help:

Struggle backed his promise by releasing ‘Cry For Help’ one week later. The opening scene of the video pans across a wall shrouded by posters of missing children, a gut punching visual that shoots straight to the point. Throughout the video, Brianna Harness is seen in a dingy room, sat vulnerable atop a mattress laid on the ground, an obvious depiction. Struggle is seen, face on to the camera, delivering each verse with a raw voice and compassionate conviction.

“I heard the lies but I’ve seen the truth, they’re gonna silence you if you bring the proof, they gon call you crazy when you call em out, they try to box us in but we can box them out”.

Here, Struggle addresses how many news and social media outlets have censored individuals that have spoken on the subject, on his Instagram page, he expressed that due to the nature of large corporations such as Google, Facebook and YouTube he fears his song may be removed. Such censorship has seen many people silenced and, in some cases, demonetised completely with lifetime bans.

“Let freedom of speech ring through the speakers, take the filthy rich to the cleaners, shine our light baby high beamers, don’t let sex crimes be a misdemeanour, protect these babies from these sickening creatures, I refuse to sit and watch from the bleachers”

Another extract taken from the record that exemplifies Struggle’s stand against not only the abuse of children, but the censorship that has robbed the people of their voice. Through a large fanbase, Struggle hopes to bring new light to the darkened subject and asks of his fans collective reach to help raise awareness. A noble, honour-worthy stand to take.

Caitlynne Curtis:  

Gigsoup reached out to the ‘God We Need You Now’ singer for a brief statement on the topic, here are the questions and replies.

Q: Going into the production of this, were you both looking to make something that takes such a solid stand, or was it something that happened organically in the studio?

A: The hook just came to me one day, and I sent it to him (Struggle), it was just gold from there, I wanted to talk about how crazy the world was getting.

Q: The topic is so deep, did you expect so many people to connect with it the way that thay have?

A: Not really, I thought most people would be offended, but I’m glad that everyone was able to understand the message.

Although brief, Caitlynne provides some good insight, showing that both of the artists were unwilling to compromise when releasing the track. They took their stand and let the world know, very reminiscent of what made beloved and renowned before them.