StrangeJuice Break Isolation with Evolve Faster

StrangeJuice Evolves Faster Than Darwin's Finches with New Indie-Rock Album for 2020

Perth’s Neo-Psychadelic Indie-Rock solo artist StrangeJuice has released Evolve Fastera melodiously hypnotic album with ruminations of self-indulgent poetic absurdity.

The Australian recluse doesn’t compromise on his other-worldly view on other worlds. While the music is warmer and more accessible than 2019’s Raising Cannibals, StrangeJuice doesn’t stray on the Strangeness.

The album opens with a serial killer in an ice cream truck hurtling through suburbia, enticing neighborhoods with various sugar-filled frozen flavors listed indulgently in the song, before a backwards guitar solo plays as an undercurrent to the vocal advisement to “Don’t go outside.”

Following this, from minimalist drum beats to a “wall-of-guitars” chorus, StrangeJuice steers us off-course with the album’s single Astronauts. This track is a showcase of StrangeJuice’s impeccable songcraft, vocal range and expert production skills.

The rest of the album pivots from hushed collections of pain-spoken dreams to alarming psychedelic lunacy. Sincerity and harmony protrude through the fog of guitars and organs on tracks Summer Sun, When We Are Sleeping, and Please Come Home, before the listener is harshly dragged across the room and hit across the metaphorical face with acid-fueled rockers such as Shock therapy and Brown Cows.

Like most StrangeJuice albums, a hazy border between peace and pandemonium is criss-crossed without ever letting things become too serious of sincere. These opposite poles co-exist here to form Evolve Faster, an album as intriguing as it is well-crafted. Decades into releasing hundreds of songs and dozens of albums, StrangeJuice is still sounding as strong as ever.

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