Courtesy of Andy Sydow

Stone Cottage Studios and Andy Sydow Support Nature Conservancy With Livestream Concert

Supporting Nature Via Exclusive Music Livestream

Stone Cottage Studios, a Colorado-based Music Discovery Platform focused on supporting and promoting both local and visiting musicians, is gearing up to host an exclusive live stream concert with Andy Sydow on April 10. The live stream will coincide with the release of his EP Time. Love. Everywhere. and serve as the project’s release celebration. After a tough year, Sydow is excited to debut his EP to fans through Stone Cottage Studios’ high-quality live stream platform. “Though a live show is irreplaceable, I personally love the idea of live streaming,” says Sydow. “It’s different, and in some ways more personal way of connecting with the audience.”

Sydow will be joined on occasion by Sister Neapolitan, an all-female folk trio out of Denver, on harmony as he plays through the EP. In support of the non-profit Nature Conservancy, and with the help of Stone Cottage Studios, Sydow will be bringing his single “Mona Lisas Everywhere” to life alongside the rest of his EP, set to release April 9th. “Stone Cottage has a truly special thing going on with their stream,” says Sydow. “It’s high quality, it’s cozy, and it’s run by a team of great people who care deeply about art, as well as worthy causes that deserve more attention.”

Founded and launched in May 2019 in Boulder Colorado, the Stone Cottage Studios is a Music Discovery Platform in support and promotion of local and visiting musicians. Composed of musicians, songwriters, audio engineers, and filmmakers–all artists in their own right–the team at Stone Cottage Studios is passionate about both offering support and opportunities for their fellow artists during hard times, and providing an authentic, unique, and inspirational listening and viewing experience for fans via professional audio recording and cinematic video production. This livestream is one of many that Stone Cottage Studios is bringing to audiences near and far this summer to highlight independent artists and the beauty of live music.