Courtesy of Wayne Watts

Stone Cottage Studio Teams Up With Local Hip-Hop Artist Wayne Watts For Artist Session

Watts Talks Freedom In New Artist Session

Stone Cottage Studios, a Colorado-based Music Discovery Platform, is airing an Artist Session for hip-hop/R&B artist Wayne Watts on November 3. Stone Cottage Studios’ Artist Sessions are an interview-style series where musicians have a chance to tell their stories and connect with fans and followers on a deeper level. They record the discussions and performance with top quality technology and filmmakers to provide audiences with an incredible digital experience. Stone Cottage Studios connected with Watts to work on a session for the rising Colorado artist. “The performance ended up being my favorite of the year,” says Watts. The opportunity allowed him to disconnect from the heaviness of 2020 while diving into the music world that he loves so much. Watts says that he has been intentionally highlighting the works of Black authors in his music, and his Artist Session is no exception. He is using this opportunity to use his platform to stand up for the tragedies from the year and allow himself to feel a sense of freedom.

Honestly, if I could sum up this performance in one word it would be freedom. The freedom to address systematic racism bluntly in lyrics. The freedom to transmute the grieve from the deaths of loved ones this year into its musical form. The freedom to sonically highlight acts of resilience. And just as important, the freedom to artistically articulate small moments of sheer joy the year has afforded us. – Wayne Watts

Stone Cottage Studios aims to provide local and outside artists with opportunities to explore their musical creativity and connect with other creatives. The Artist Sessions are just another outlet the group gives to artists who are looking to grow their following and personal strengths. “We strive to help musicians with marketing and visibility by distributing the full 30 minute session and individual song performances across available media channels,” says Stone Cottage Studios. “It’s all about capturing musicians at their best and music discovery across genres!”