Sterling press drop huge debut anthem ‘Very Fun Times’

Making an impactful debut, West London based Sterling Press have emerged onto the scene with the magnetic new single ‘Very Fun Times’.

Layered guitars and pounding beats drive the rock-pop concoction, with crystal-clear vocals delivering infectious melodies. The song explodes into a jazzy reprise, announcing Sterling Press’s arrival with a refreshingly original sound.

Speaking of the meaning behind the new track, drummer Lucien Ismael revealed: “It’s about someone trying to fit in. They haven’t yet discovered what they like, so instead, they follow the same trends as everyone else to feel good about themselves. They go off as one thing, but get paranoid about not fitting  in, so they slot themselves into whatever gap they can find. They’ll say  anything to please anyone. Despite all that, these are the best days of their life, they just  don’t know it yet.” 

This four-piece have been playing together throughout their adolescence on grassroots stages across the UK, now making their debut as recording artists under new band name Sterling Press. Built on the foundations of classic rock, Sterling Press specialise in rich instrumentation and an experimental sound. Drawing on influences from punk, ska and techno music, listeners will be hooked on the band’s horn-filled indie ventures. We can’t wait to hear more.