Legendary punk band SPIZZENERGI release their latest single ‘‘Christmas in Denmark Street’

SPIZZENERGI discuss the release of the new single, the message behind it and the writing process.

Christmas in Denmark Street is a punchy new festive track mixed by award-winning producer Tony Visconti that battles against the ongoing development of London’s Soho. Here lead singer and veteran campaigner Spizz chats to us about the creation of the track and the message behind it.

Why is it ‘Christmas in Denmark Street’?

During the last week of The 12 Bar Club before it closed, I went every night. As I cycled home on the last night, the chorus came to me and so I filmed myself singing so I wouldn’t forget it in the morning. This was in the 2nd week of January 2015 I knew the club & the vibe of the street was going to be lost forever and so it has. I just thought when I wrote it that by the next Christmas it was never going to be like that again. 

What is your writing process? 

Each song often has its way of evolving organically. ‘Christmas in Denmark Street’ was a chorus that came to me while cycling home. The next song rehearsal day for the acoustic Spizzology with my guitarist Luca Comencini and we developed the song and started performing it with a favourable response on its first public outing at the Water Rats, Kings Cross supporting James Stevenson 17th Dec 2015, by the 3rd chorus people were singing along!

Where’s Captain Kirk? was written in my head until I could get off the bus run home & write it down and the 3rd verse came to me then. Soldier Soldier developed by ‘scatting’ over my then bass player’s riff. 

‘Mega City 3’ and ‘Spock’s Missing’ came from me writing them whilst playing the guitar.

How do you hope your music influences people?

I don’t really hope that it influences people, I just do what I do and if people get it then that is great.

Why is it so important to preserve Soho from the development?

I think it is already too late but anything that has a cultural value should be preserved but Denmark Street will be worse for what has happened already

Is there a particular message you want to pass on through your music?

Most of my material is environmental green issues, anti-authoritarianism, anti-war pro-freedom, and ask questions.

Release Date: 18th December

 Video Teaser: https://youtu.be/2kV-PGfgewI

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