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Spadezer ‘Inner peace at the workplace’ Track Review

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There might have to be an 18+ tag on this article cause this little ditty was found in the adults-only category in the Newgrounds audio section. So you might wanna close this if you’re put off by that sort of thing.

Now that we got the kids outta here, in this track, Spadezer puts together what can only be interpreted as the sounds of a machine gun, an old Nokia phone, a six-year-old playing on a Yamaha keyboard, a video poker machine and a zx81 with Tizer spilled on it, with a techno bass beat playing alongside and oh yes, the track is broken up every now and again with the sound of screaming.

How does it sound? Annoying, but in a weirdly addictive way. One can’t help but listen to it over and over again and imagining cunning and hilarious ways to subject your friends and family to the complete mayhem and then wonder why they never invite you anywhere.

It could be argued that the pornographic aspect of this song could be in connection to sado-masochism or CBT to use a more technical term. But in seriousness, this track is funny, even though there are no lyrics or spoken words, the way these sounds are edited together definitely brings a cheeky grin. Everyone might not find it as amusing, but that probably just makes it more special.