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Sorcha Fahy ‘No Sleep’ Track Review

Don't Sleep On This

“No Sleep”, the debut single from Sorcha Fahy might just be the perfect radio song for 2021. Originally scheduled for a release last year, but having to be pushed back due to lockdown, the Irish acoustic cover singer, turned songwriter has proven that she is more than capable to stand on her own, making a remarkable first impression.

Recorded at Darklands Audio in Dublin, Fahy has worked to craft a song that feels highly professional; the instruments never overshadow each other, but still manage to sound unified, which helps to contribute to the tension each section carries. The verses naturally ebb and flow into the choruses, and vice versa, which are emphasised by Fahy’s haunting vocals, providing the perfect guide to the melancholic theme of trying to break an unwanted cycle.

Lyrically, “No Sleep” keeps a simple, verse-to-chorus structure, which surprisingly works in the track’s favour; there’s no convoluted wordplay here, and even though that means there isn’t a lot of room to be innovative – an additional side effect of the song’s relatively short length – the message is clearly conveyed.

For a first endeavour, Sorcha Fahy has presented an exciting song; a raw cry of frustration and emotion is on display and it’s a trait not typically seen in music today, perfectly capturing anxiety and addiction in a mournfully poetic way, whilst still making it enjoyable and effortless to listen to. From this we can hopefully expect nothing but good things from the artist.

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