Solar Strides ‘The Other End’ Track Review

Solar Strides new single 'The Other End' brings hope to those parted from loved ones during the pandemic

In a time where ‘virtual hugs’ have had to become the new norm, Solar Strides have embodied this trend with their uplifting new single ‘The Other End’. Talking about the song before it’s release the band said: “Now more than ever it’s important to recognise our roles in being there for anyone who means anything to us and I hope this song reinforces the fact that there is always someone to reach out to.

This emerging indie-rock four-piece are adding another irresistible track to their already sterling back-catalogue, now joined by vocal talent India Foskett. The song written with the pandemic in mind is not just comforting lyrically but the melody also has an apparent feeling of warmth. 

Solar Strides have presented us with a track filled with shimmering guitar melodies, soaring strings and dynamic drum rhythms, that started out as a tune hummed randomly whilst cooking one day. With the help of recording/mixing engineer Luke Oldfield and mastering engineer Noel Summerville that tune has ended up as something almost irresistible to the ear. 

‘The Other End’ offers nostalgic indie vibes with an upbeat, infectious chorus. One that tells us “You know that you’re not alone when I’m on the other end of the telephone. I will listen to you when you’re feeling down or when you’re low. I’ll put everything and everybody else I know on hold. You know that you’re not alone when I’m on the other end of the telephone.”

Fans will be able to find solace in this track, which offers a lyrical reminder to reach out to the people you love during this isolating period. The song does not just comment exclusively on the idea of support between lovers, but more generally between parents and children, helplines and those in need, friends, siblings – humans.

When all is said and done this is an excellent toe-tapping track that will have fans and new listeners alike singing along in no time. Hopefully, one day soon when touring is back from its pandemic induced hiatus it will be a song to enjoy live too.

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