Solar Strides

Solar Strides arrive with their feel-good offering ‘The Other End’

Solar Strides will lift your spirits with their newest indie gem

Highlighting the importance of being there for those around us, Solar Strides have released their heartwarming new single ‘The Other End’. Bursting with uplifting strings and dynamic drums, the indie-rock four-piece are offering up arguably their best work yet. 

Speaking of their new release, the band explains: “The first thing you hear in the song is the tune I hummed randomly whilst cooking one day. From there it was a case of finding lyrics that worked with both the structure of the melody and its apparent feeling of warmth. I didn’t want to comment exclusively on the idea of support between lovers, but more generally between parents and children, helplines and those in need, friends, siblings – humans! Now more than ever it’s important to recognise our roles in being there for anyone who means anything to us and I hope this song reinforces the fact that there is always someone to reach out to. We were fortunate enough to continue our partnership with recording/mixing engineer, Luke Oldfield (Metronomy, Wolf Alice, The Wytches), who again gave us access to the goodness of analogue tape drum recording, as well as mastering engineer, Noel Summerville (The Clash, Elvis Costello), of Seven Nation Army fame.”

Emerging on the scene back in 2019, Solar Strides have since built up a strong catalogue of songs that are turning heads, and are paving the way for an exciting future ahead.