Singer/Songwriter Alex Southey shares new atmospheric single “On The Dance Floor”

Alex Southey is a singer songwriter based in Toronto. His unique blend of wandering lyricism, atmospheric strings, and emotive sense of melody make for an engrossing, contemplative listen. 

Alex just released a new single, “On the Dance Floor”. The song is an atmospheric folk track celebrating all the people dating, enjoying themselves, enjoying the nightlife in Toronto. The song has been paired with a visual made up of sourced and filmed clips to reflect the tenderness of the song as a whole.

Can you talk to us about the inspiration behind your single, “On the Dance Floor”?
The inspiration behind “On the Dance Floor” is pretty simple. I wanted to explore the different types of dating going on in Toronto, and celebrate them. You have one night stands, missed connections, and long-term relationships all in full view walking down the streets of Toronto, especially when the weather is good. That’s why a song like this hits the way it does. Rarely am I truly trying to articulate an idea. It’s more like trying to capture an atmosphere with the right combination of images and “feel” in the music.
How do you think your community has contributed to your success?

If by community you mean my family, friends, and so forth – they’ve been extremely supportive. Frankly I don’t think I would even be where I am now without my family’s support.

What was the first thing that got you interested in music?

I have early memories of being mesmerized by How the West Was Won Led Zeppelin concert DVD when my dad was watching it in the basement. I originally thought it was an action movie. After seeing that, my interest in music only continued to develop and here we are.

Describe to our audience your music-making process.
My music-making process really isn’t too different from the average new era musician to be honest! I will only finish a song if there’s enough interest to keep me doing that. Why finish a song I find boring? I have no other true barometer than that, in myself, and so if it’s something I don’t want to listen to, I shouldn’t force it on my listeners. 
Once I find a chord progression I like, I usually play it on repeat as I find a vocal melody, and from there things slowly fall into place. Once I have the bones of the full song (chords, vocal melody, lyrics), I will set about recording it and only then do I really find its identity and arrangement. In this case, it was an on-going conversation between me and the guys in Water Tower Band (based in LA) about what kind of accompanying instruments we want. In this case, we thought we’d emphasize the new sound that’s all over the album as a whole: lap steel guitar, and fiddle. They’d send me different options, I’d send back an email with a little more direction, and then I’d take what they give me, chop it up, emphasize certain parts (or not), and bring it into the musical fold.
It was a dream, considering COVID going on.
What advice would you give other musicians?

Do not wait to do what you want. There’s never been an easier time to find other people with aligned goals, thanks to social media. There’s lots wrong with the Internet but that very much helps. Anyway thinking they can make it as a musician (and has spare time/some spare cash) has no reason not to try, if they really want to try. Basically, just get out there and try. It’s the only way you’ll know if you like the feeling or not.

How did it feel when you released this new music?

All I feel is anticipation for the album as a whole. I am very happy with this love letter to dating in Toronto, but it’s all the songs together on the upcoming album, …And the Country Stirred, that I really look forward to.

And finally, if you could collaborate with any musician/band, who would it be? And why?
David Bowie. I’m not even the biggest Bowie fan, it’s just so clear how fearless he was in his experimentation that that’s the kind of influence I’d want around me in a studio or live. Someone like David Byrne, too. Same thing.

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