Signals Of Bedlam Unveil Liar’s Intuition Album

NYC-based metal group bring their “Prog. Punk. Rock. Sirens. Blast Beats” mantra to its fullest realization yet.

Signals Of Bedlam have shared their Liar’s Intuition album. Across nine tracks and forty minutes, the album finds the NYC-based metal group bringing their “Prog. Punk. Rock. Sirens. Blast Beats” mantra to its fullest realization yet. Throughout the record, vocalist Cero Cartera delivers viscerally furious lyrical dispatches against injustice that are backed by some of the freshest arrangements in the metal scene courtesy of bassist Chika Obiora, guitarist Tom Hoy, and drummer Rich Abidor.

If the many disparate ideas and themes within Liar’s Intuition could be boiled down to a single concept, it is that this is an album that ultimately exists as a focus piece on deception. Cartera explains, “This record was written in a time when truths that were once considered immutable, like equality and justice, suddenly came into question. On the surface, it looks like a natural result of opposing forces clashing, but when you peel back the layers, you start to see that this collective confusion, ‘the great confounding’, is the product of deliberate deception.” He continues, “news corporations, political parties, foreign actors, and wealthy donors all benefit from, or actively participate in, propaganda campaigns that cast doubt on our philosophical truths… The greatest threat to our future is not one person or party but rather an inability to identify the lies – to think critically about the world around us and make up our own minds.”

The album release was preceded by four single and video releases that starkly unveiled the sonic themes that would come to permeate Liar’s Intuition . From the restless and explosive lead-off single “Take The Crown”, to the hectic “Twilight Rebel With Red Cap”, the brooding poly-rhythmic “Pendulum In Swing”, to the modal licks and relentless kick of “Red Sunflower”.

On Liar’s Intuition, Signals Of Bedlam once again bring Frank Mitaritonna onboard as producer. Mitaritonna is responsible for harnessing the fierce grit of bands including The Dear Hunter, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Glassjaw, and oversaw production of Signals Of Bedlam’s 2016 release Escaping From Velocity. The reason for the welcome return of Mitaritonna’s guiding hand is explained by bassist Chika Obiora, who notes that the producer’s creative investment in his projects is the guiding light that draws the group back to him. “He’ll tell it like it is, he’ll want to know why each bit of the song is the way it is and if it’s the best way it can be. He’s really the last trusted line of creative control before we release something to the world.” 

Signals of Bedlam was formed in 2012 in New York City by four members who brought with them the sounds, memories, and moods of the environments they grew up in; from the post-industrial interior, through the heat of the desert west, to the constant grind of the eastern mid-Atlantic. What drew Cero Cartera, Tom Hoy, Chika Obiora, and Rich Abidor together in New York City was, in the words of guitarist Hoy, an “affinity for noise”. 

Liar’s Intuition has been four years in the making and is a record that the group describe as their first truly collaborative effort. Built on over a year of twice-weekly songwriting sessions, and over 21 days in the studio, the album finds Signals Of Bedlam delivering the most deliberate and complete album of their career so far.

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