Tara Rowse

Seraphina Simone ”O M D” Track Review

The rising London star shares her most personal track to date.

Seraphina Simone’s latest single ‘O M D’ is a refreshingly unique slice of contemporary pop that shows off Seraphina’s softer side as she offers fans her most intimate and personal track to date.

Her last two releases ‘Hollywood $$$’ and ‘Cherry<3’ gave us a glimpse into the young Londoner’s sincere and heartfelt lyricism which she uses to explore the minefield that is life in your early twenties; the refracted glamour, the potential, the struggles and the downfalls.

Whilst her previous singles have been equally as considered & thoughtful, ‘O M D’ differs from Seraphina’s past discography as its more of a slow and solemn number inspired by past events in her love life.

“O M D is more personal than the first two singles – it’s about loving someone struggling with depression, and how powerless you feel to help them. Like you’re a bystander in your own relationship, just watching them untether themselves further and further while you try and hold them and yourself and everything together, totally unsuccessfully. In this particular relationship, the more I tried to help the more I pushed him away, and then I ended up resenting him because it hurt.”

‘O M D’ sees Seraphina explore the innermost corners of her heart and mind through song as she intimately details the dying moments of a lost love & the pain of watching a good friend lose themselves to depression. It’s a melancholy track through and through, yet Seraphina’s ingenuity as a songwriter allows her to take depressing subjects and turn them into palatable pop anthems, fit for anything from a slow-dance with your boyfriend to a good cry over your ex. Such is the talent of Seraphina Simone.

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