Sidarriss Wallace

Seraph X Shows How He Battles His Demons in His Song ‘Let Me Be’

Seraph X serves nothing but the truth through his moving music

Sidarriss Wallace a.k.a. Seraph X is a rapper from Oakland, California. With his songs composed of relevant similes and metaphors, Seraph X is here to change the rap game. When you hear his songs, you may be reminded of the works of Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z. These artists are his musical influences and dream collaborators.

Seraph X describes his music as unique. He says, “No one sounds like me. When my fans hear my voice, they know it’s me.” His verses come from his personal experiences and thoughts which fans can relate to. He has a special way of storytelling that only he can tell.

In his song ‘Let Me Be’, Seraph X shares how his demons keep him up at night. Spitting verses from his own life, Seraph X shares how he came up with the song. He says, “This is a song I wrote one night just thinking about my life, where I have been, and how I felt when I was there in that time of my life.”

Battling mental health is an important topic that artists should continue to be talking about in the music industry, and Seraph X will be here serving nothing but the truth through moving music.

Listen to Let Me Be on Spotify and Apple Music.

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