Saturn Boi Cousin Deeky’s new single “Saturn Girl”

Saturn Boi Cousin Deeky travels through the cosmos with his "Saturn Girl"

New Jersey “Saturn Boi” Cousin Deeky continues his 2021 takeover with another new soulful R&B offering titled “Saturn Girl”. Produced by Mantra, the pockets of glimmering electronica in “Saturn girl” make for a fresh new sound, as elements of R&B and Hip-Hop are fused seamlessly to produce emotive music, complete with relatable lyrics that entice listeners to join Cousin Deeky on his journey of self discovery.

Cousin Deeky explains that “Saturn Girl” is about the frustration a person feels when they know a relationship is failing and there is nothing you can do about it.

His sound is out of this world. That’s probably the reason why the self-proclaimed Saturn Boi can often be found studying up on the universe in search of a part of himself he may have forgotten. Nevertheless, we are all just along for the ride while he uses music as a way to travel through the cosmos.

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