Denita Turner

Sapphire Hart ‘Toxic Love Story’ Track Review

Fresh, new, R&B artist, Sapphire Hart , is ready to take the world by storm with the release of her heart-wrenching single, “Toxic Love Story”

The single begins with Sapphire Hart’s soft, and sultry voice introducing every listener to the rollercoaster of emotions that come with toxic relationships. Hart’s soulful vocals, and heartbreaking lyrics are accompanied by the blended sounds of a sensual trap beat, electric guitar strums, and the faint pitter patter of a piano, painting the perfect picture of a disastrous lover. As the tune progresses Sapphire Hart continues to showcase her vocal maturity, strategically placing every note throughout Toxic Love Story to make her listeners truly experience the pain she was feeling while writing the song. 

Toxic Love Story is full of vivid emotional imagery creating the ideal musical setting for anyone who is going through a depressive break-up. Sapphire Hart drew inspiration from her personal destructive relationship of the past writing polarizing lyrics like, “Had me convinced that I could trust you, then called me crazy when I caught you” and, “Man I can’t believe I kept my mouth closed, man I can’t believe I came out my clothes”. The single faultlessly displays the dichotomous and stifling intensity of these poisonous relationships within which many find themselves in at some point throughout their lives. 

The R&B sensation began her career back when she was a young teenager performing across the country on some of the nation’s most prestigious stages leading her to sign her first record deal. The young artist now resides in Los Angeles where she writes and produces all her music.

Toxic Love Story is now available on all streaming platforms for your listening pleasure. Be sure to be on the lookout for the upcoming music video for Toxic Love Story, coming soon.  

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