Courtesy of Sabiine

Sabiine Releases New Music Video “Hotline” To Celebrate New EP

Sabiine's 'Dragonfruit' EP Bursts with Punchy Musical Flavor

Pop singer-songwriter, Sabiine dropped her second EP Dragonfruit on October 30 alongside a music video for the feature track “Hotline”. “Hotline” was inspired by a falling out with a friend. “They called all the time. I tried to help and they never listened. I started to feel like some kind of advice hotline. Sabiine turned that experience into “Hotline” an eclectic, electronic bop that’s super sticky and accessible to a young 20’s demographic. Hotline’s music video takes a sexy and fun perspective on a hotline operator theme and includes dance and comedic elements throughout.

The Dragonfruit EP was created during the Coronavirus pandemic. With restaurants closed, Sabiine and EP producer Tyler Gunz took breaks at the local farmer’s market. Inspired by the crazy look and addictive taste of the dragonfruit, Sabiine and Gunz dove into creating a dynamic, punchy EP bursting with eclectic musical flavor. “Tyler and I paid attention to every detail on this EP, from the lyrics, to the beats, to the song length, and the mastering.  I mean seriously, how many people get the opportunity to produce their own music?  I didn’t want to waste it,” says Sabiine.

Belying her blonde bombshell image, Sabiine is an accomplished lyricist, and wrote the lyrics and melodies on each of Dragonfruit’s four tracks. The first track on the EP, “Water”, is a dance inspired love song about the sometimes overwhelming power of love as an emotion. “Laces You Tied” follows as a metaphor laced ballad in which Sabiine reflects on escaping years of family dysfunction. The production is a stripped down homage to early 90’s chill pop in the style of Mazzy Star or Eddie Brickell. Sabiine released the 3rd track of the EP “Still Miss You” as a sneak peek single. It’s been streamed over 65,000 times and featured on prominent music blogs and top-tier playlists. Independent Music Reviews described “Still Miss You” as “… both infectious and steady. It’s a lush electronic canvas to showcase the artist’s vocal style, but also reflects some of the songwriting and production that really digs a bit deeper.” Listeners will find bits of Sabiine’s musical influences such as Amy Winehouse, Little Dragon, Alt-J, and Paul McCartney on the Dragonfruit EP. With a catchy, fun sound and relatable lyrics, the EP reflects the rising star’s ability to create music that’s exclusively her own. Critics have praised Sabiine’s uniqueness and starpower by saying she “has a one-of- a-kind sound and the soulful coolness to match” –Warlock Asylum. “I learned so much between this EP and my last one,” says Sabiine. “On Dragonfruit, I’ve had the opportunity to really dig in and spend the time to make my songs sound exactly the way I want them and I absolutely can’t wait for people to hear them.”

Sabiine is a 24-year-old Atlanta-based singer-songwriter who’s known for her original voice, head bopping melodies, musical diversity, and sticky hooks. Sabiine’s voice has been compared to Little Dragon, Hope Sandoval, and Lorde. Her original songs are crowd-pleasing and infectious, including elements of hot adult contemporary, dark pop, dance, and indie-folk. The artist proudly writes all of her own melodies and lyrics, and commonly bases her songs of real life events. She has a relentless drive to create music, so much so that she taught herself to play guitar at age 11 by watching YouTube videos. Sabiine’s first EP On My Mind was a low-key hit, added on over 120 radio stations, reaching number 150 on the weighted College Radio Charts, and charting (as high as number 2) on 15 stations, whilst earning critical praise and playlist adds across the internet and Spotify. Dancing About Architecture’s Dave Franklin said “If Sabiine was looking to produce the perfect chilled pop song for the modern market then she has got as close as anyone else I have heard in a long time.” Skope Magazine said “this is one glowing track that deserves your undivided attention…I promise you that ‘On My Mind’ will get stuck in your head for days to come!” With the Dragonfruit EP and the “Hotline” single Sabiine is headed towards an exciting future in music.