Timothy Saccenti

Run The Jewels ‘No Save Point’ Track Review

The future is set. Welcome to Night City where Run The Jewels reign supreme.

“Jewel runners! Get your game-faces ready…”

Avid gamer or not, the tedious repetitive news of long awaited video game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ being delayed over and over again has become tiresome. So tiresome in fact many gaming fans across the world have given up with this game and have even gone to the lengths of refusing to play it upon its (hopeful) December 10th 2020 release. As an avid gamer who pre-ordered this game many moons ago, I almost lost hope after yet another recent delay…then I heard this. This hard hitting futuristic slap of a tune by Hip-Hop duo ‘Run The Jewels’ might have just saved one of the most anticipated games of all time for many, despite the ironic title.

‘No Save Point’ is a brilliant example of how music can evoke excitement. It opens up with an ominous synth drone that resembles much of the ‘Blade Runner’ soundtrack by legendary composer ‘Vangelis’ which echoes the theme of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ perfectly. Done on purpose? Perhaps considering the mirrored sci-fi aesthetics. As to be expected from many Hip-Hop tunes, the drone crescendos to an absolute dirt groove of a drum loop and I am NOT complaining. The beating tempo with this loop is enough to make you feel like you own the streets as your character counter-part will undoubtedly do once being played. I assume nobody has an issue with this? Good! Moving on…

Set reverb to the highest setting and scream “HEYS” and “OHS” as they pan across the intro and are repeated throughout only adding to the badassery this song, artist and video game represents. The explicit opening line of; I swallow all my drugs ’til the pain is unpluggedwhilst simultaneously being accompanied by a background synth line that sounds like two metal sheets having an arm wrestle, only adds to the imagery of what the ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ universe is going to be like. The Mad Dog Jones designed artwork is also one of the finest artworks I’ve seen for years. I absolutely love it.

The song however does fall flat on any form of hook or chorus and apart from counting out a couple of one-second pauses, it remains at the same dynamic once the instrumentation comes in again after the opening lyrics. Luckily, the instrumentation is dirty and the lyrical content is well thought out and slides its way smoothly in to an already impressive game soundtrack.

Ominous drones, filthy grooves, ear vibrating synths and insightful lyrics will transport you to Night City and that’s more than enough to take from this short but sweet tune. It’s far from the artists best work and definitely not the best song a video game has ever used but it’s an absolute solid from ‘Run The Jewels’.

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