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Ronnie Watts Makes Her Summer Just A Little Bit Longer In New Remix

The rising pop star explores electronic territory in new take on her stunning single.

It’s been quite the year for Rochester native Ronnie Watts. Despite the quarantine, Watts released her breakout single “Famous In California,”  her new EP “I Don’t Trust U At All” and a few exceptional music videos along the way.

Her EP recently surpassed 200,000 streams. To celebrate she has remixed lead single, “Sad Summer” into “Sad Summer (but it’s not summer anymore Remix).” The remix brings new life into the single, adding an electronic production under its laid back origins. The “Sad Summer” remix crescendos with elements of trap, electronic and modulations of Watts’ vocals, completely transforming the single.

It’s clear why Watts chose “Sad Summer” to be the song that was remixed. The single highlights Watts had her best both lyrically and sonically. Much like the transience of the season, “Sad Summer” acknowledges their love’s inevitable end, but not before sending off the summer fling, re-living its best and worst moments. With the remix Watts keeps that feeling for just a little longer

Throughout Watt’s EP her lyrics possess something we haven’t heard before. The entire EP covers a break up in all of its details. It’s no surprise that her fanbase is rapidly growing. With the remix under her belt and new music coming in 2021 Ronnie is a clear artist to watch.

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