Ronley Teper shares building new single “New Love”

Children at heart who love poetic, theatric, satiric yet at times serious storytelling alongside magical music and visuals, should prepare themselves for the surprising world of Ronley Teper. Born in South Africa and growing up in Toronto, she is an active composer, producer & multimedia artist. Her storytelling and songwriting styles cycle through many influences from folk, funk, jazz, cabaret, art rock and pop sensibilities.

A musician and performance artist, Teper has been an active member in the arts scene for almost two decades. Over this time, she has recorded 5 independent LP’s; with an upcoming 6th “Everyone Loves A Good Story” (coming 2021).

Ronley’s new single, “New Love,” is a building track reminding listeners that there always is the possibility of connection. Sometimes it takes time and effort, sometimes it is effortless.

Take a listen to the new track and check out our new interview with Ronley below!

Can you talk to us about the inspiration behind your single, “New Love”?

That feeling of new love, the inspiration, the intention, the muse of new love. The potential that comes with possibility, hope, and connecting to a person, place or thing, I’ve always wanted this, It is a driving force that makes living seem meaningful. Intention is a realistic form of hope and that connection is what inspired New Love.

How do you think your community has contributed to your success?

Like New Love itself, Community means connection. Community comes and goes as we all move throughout our own journeys, and honestly i’m not sure what success means? If it’s making it in the music industry then I can’t really say that have had success. I’ve generally stayed on the periphery. If community means success on a more meaningful human level, let’s stick with the cliche “it takes a village” to create my music, then I am eternally grateful for the incredible community of musicians, multimedia artists, and listeners that have continued to edge me on and support my creative practice and well being.

What was the first thing that got you interested in music?

Music is universal. It is with us from the earliest of days in the womb, in the tones of the voices coming from the outside, in the thumping of the heartbeat. It is in the lullaby we hear and or feel vibrate before we can speak. It is everywhere. It stays in our memories even with our last breaths. Being alive got me interested in music.

Describe to our audience your music making process?

My creative process varies. Sometimes it is solitary. I feel I have something to say, then I need to hear my own thoughts out loud and then music just comes to me. Other times I struggle for months on end to come up with the right music to match these thoughts. Sometimes I have no particulary words and i just want to have the elation of playing music or that a theme can just be evoked by an instrumental movement. Other times the process of making music happens live on stage with the band (pre and hopefully post Covid times). Right then and there, with a theme or a riff and suddenly we are all contributing and playing off each other and a song is created.

What advice would you give other musicians?

Ha, advice?!?! Well, take it with a grain of salt but a few things i’ve considered in retrospect, be your authentic self, write what you feel not what you think the world wants. If you’re super sensitive don’t use your own name but a stage name so you can separate the critiques of your works from your person. And finally, when recording think about the sonic sounds you are using and how they will date. I think some instruments and sounds never date, others do and to consider what it might sound like in 25 years.

How did it feel when you released the new music?

Oh, this is tough, a little back and forth of: Yeah finally I’ve put this out to the world! Then the internal dought, will anybody even hear it? Will they like it? Do I care if they like it? So many feelings of elation, then post-production depression. And now finally a general sense of calm. Whoosh, too much information?

And finally, if you could collaborate with any musician/band, who would it be? And why?

Oh, I can’t answer with just one. There are quite a few musicians I’ve dreamt of collaborating with and each for different reasons as to why.

Peter Gabriel – His flowing symbolism and text, musical sensibilities, ever-evolving production skills and sonic palette, his magical way of being able to write an incredible pop tune that is also arty and full of meaning and content. As well, his ability at the same time to write instrumentals that make your body hit the floor.

D’Angelo – His overall musical mood. His unbelievable sense of groove and harmony. His mysteriousness, perfectionism and his ability to write a song that never tires to listen to.

Chilly Gonzales – His brilliant piano playing and arranging, unrelenting honesty, sarcastic sense of humour, his virtuoso ability to write but also reinterpret any song and clearly make it his own. His unbelievable style and sense of self. His ability to genre hop, and his I don’t give a shit what you think philosophy. He is inspiring.

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