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Roberto Bates ‘Fire Walk With Me’ Track Review

Roberto Bates Drops 'Fire Walk With Me'

Roberto Bates brings his 80s influence out on his most recent release, ‘Fire Walk With Me’. It is flowing with melodic vibes from the new-wave era, but it also fits well amidst the modern industry.

‘Fire Walk With Me’ starts with a fade-in which is reminiscent of some of the biggest dance tracks to grace the airwaves in previous years. VIOLA then gets underway with an instantly charming vocal performance, and she grips to the mix like an adhesive.

Speaking about life in general, VIOLA sings a meaningful story, and she pulls off one of the most spectacular EDM vocal performances in modern times. Also, she hones in on her skills to elicit emotion, and she captivates with her delightful tone and harmonisation.

The energy levels are high on ‘Fire Walk With Me’. It is the perfect club hit and suitable for various occasions, proving the timeless ability it possesses. Musically, Roberto is on top form, and he layers the mix with a magnitude of sounds which keeps the excitement alive. Also, it grows as it plays with the momentum picking up towards the midsection, and the speakers rattle for all the right reasons as it hits the refrain.

Nevertheless, it would have been advantageous for the track to provide even more stereo effect, especially with a few more sounds popping out of the mix when listening on a 5.1 setup. Mind you, it still sounds cogent, and the beat and rhythm synergise with all the other elements to create a thunderous showcase.

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