Rapper ImproPoe is the master of optical (or perceptual) reclusion…

Since the break out of the pandemic, one may suspect that there are some characters out that are loving the incognito feel of being behind a mask. In a country that is notoriously known for its crime rate; South Africa would have some real dodgy characters, in dingy areas, who are revelling at the prospect of targets not being able to identify their would-be perpetrators. Now that we have the setting painted out for our interview subject ImproPoe, a good question to perhaps pose to the rapper from Soweto is;  “do you perhaps have a criminal record”? However, this particular journo does NOT want to get a DJ Vlad type of reputation…though I do jest! After all, ImproPoe is a lovely guy (as odd as he is) and I do not slander individuals (DJ Vlad included). 

With ImproPoe, despite the lack of promotion, public relations or anything – being evasive has worked tremendously for him! His streaming numbers over the years have been nothing to scoff at, especially for an independent artist. The man known as the White Shadow, James Caviar, Beefi who has more aliases than the whole Wu Tang Clan combined (think that has been mentioned before), has the Ascension Levels 43.2% (2019), Certain Dillusions (2018) and Body Of Proof (2015) releases as his impressive body of work. We had a chance to speak to him and tried our best to rack his brain…

For the benefit of the masses and the greater overseas audience, who is ImproPoe?

Improper Poet is a state of mind… A healing mental illness expressed in rhyme form protecting itself from people and ideas that would cause a disconnect between it, the truth of the universe and Divinity! 

When did you discover your love for music and hip-hop in particular?

Well I loved music ever since I can remember…. I actually loved house music before I got into hip hop, like most people from Soweto. I started listening to rap in primary school I think when I was like 9. My friend; Baz and I used to bump MOP C. 

What are your general thoughts on the independent route as a musician?

Smart thing to do would be to put 100% of your time and energy into it if you’re serious. Or you can be like me; make money in your spare time and when you aren’t, make love or make music!

What are your thoughts on the South African music industry?

I don’t really have any thoughts…people like a variety of things and they’re allowed to…end of story!

You are now a hip-hop veteran with three solo albums under your belt. What next can we expect from you creatively?

More tapes! But I’m still not keen on videos where I show my face. With Revivo it’s cool because fewer people would remember but I wish I came out like MF DOOM (R.I.P.) with a mask (on). I don’t need people associating the bars with an image,  I like walking around freely then once in a while a fan be like oh s**t are you ImproPoe? Then I can decide to admit it or not… 

Can we expect anything new from your crew Revivolution?

I’ll have to get back to you on that one… 


For the benefit of those who haven’t heard your music, what can they expect to hear from your discography?

Bars, anime references, technical ability, me calling out my various aliases, the word “like”, well choreographed stories, dope ass beats and features. a picture is made up of more than 1000 words…


Are there any artists out there that you would like to work with on a studio work?

Honestly I wish I knew more about more barmin from RSA. We have a lot that I’d have liked to work with who no longer make music. I won’t name names when it comes to who I wanna work with coz that’ll ruin the surprise.

Are there any upcoming projects or other plans you can share with us?

Yeah I got a short EP coming out probably in March / April produced by Fonzo and a full length tape before the year ends. Both solo (projects)… Haven’t done that in a while!

What are your other interests apart from music?

God, making money, entertainment and women. 

Anybody you wanna shout out?

Haha, “Not (going) to call the whole crowd out…”

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