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Rael Jones ‘Mother Echo’ Album Review

Rael Jones Releases An Emotion Packed New Album Devoted to the Memory of His Late Mother

Rael Jones ‘Mother Echo’ Album Review
A stunning and hard hitting instrumental classical album that does not need lyrics to tell a heart breaking story over 10 beautiful tracks.
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While Rael Jones is a name you might not instantly recognise, you would definitely have heard his music at some point. Having provided music for a whole host of Films and TV dramas including recent hits The Salisbury Poisonings and Harlots as well as being on the music team behind blockbusters such as Les Miserables and Quantum Of Solace, Rael’s career has seen him go from strength to strength and he is now back with a new album.

Moving away from his soundtracks and back towards contemporary classical, once again resting on piano and strings to create his sound, the new album ‘Mother Echo’ is a classical journey into Rael’s innermost feelings. Written as an ode to the memory of his mother, the album is given extra weight even before pressing play on the first track and when you do put your headphones on, ‘Ascension Bells’ hits even harder than you could have expected. Delicate Piano, dripping with reverb soaks your headphones and immediately pulls you into a state of contemplative trance. Strings gently layer over the piano throughout the 5 minute opener giving varying textures and pulling the melody forward as the track ebbs and flows through varying chord sequences and moods in an epic display of Rael’s ability to take the listener on a journey through his music.

Elsewhere across the 10 tracks, Scala Radio favourite ‘The Syntax Of Things’ bounces joyously layering staccato piano with varying string melodies and sporadic bass notes to create a complex, moving structure across it’s relatively short 2 minutes 47. Perfectly summing up the mixed emotions Rael must have felt at the time of his mothers death, the track feels as though it’s taking you through the thoughts and memories, bouncing between joy and sorrow before the next track ‘The Passage Of Time, pull’s you once again into different head space.

Surrounded by stunningly raw and yet note perfect piano solo performances, ‘The Passage Of Time’ and ‘Hold Until Silent’ have a truly enveloping level of emotion, you’re in that moment feeling those emotions. This for me is the highlighting moment of the album, it really hits the spot emotionally and conjures all those feelings that are so well known to anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. Jones has the ability to recall these feelings in his music with such accuracy, to conjure that same level of hurt and sadness that you felt and turn that feeling into a beautiful piece of music.

‘Passports for a Metaphysical Journey’ is a fitting closing track for the album bringing layered strings and piano together in a cacophony of heartfelt warmth that drifts the album to a finish. A mixed bag of tracks which could belong in the background of a period drama alongside some of the most emotionally raw and encapsulating classical music you will possibly find ‘Mother Echo’ is surely an album which does capture a deeply personal time in Rael’s life that is hugely relatable for the listener. While Rael is known best for his work on soundtracks, the album is surely enough to see Rael gain the acclaim he deserves as an artist in his own right.

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