I'll Keep You


Racyne Parker Gets Colorful With Romantic “I’ll Keep You” Music Video

Denver-based singer-songwriter Racyne Parker released a spunky music video for her latest single “I’ll Keep You” on February 25.

Written about her relationship with her then-boyfriend, now fiancé, “I’ll Keep You” is reminiscent of a page out of Parker’s diary. Premiering on Music Update Central, the lyrics and music reflect the bits of joy and ease in a relationship, while the video embraces the vibrant energy of dating butterflies. “It also might be my most ambitious vocal performance yet, and the growth that I’ve seen in myself through this song has been truly refreshing,” says Parker. Having already been released as an audio single, “I’ll Keep You” has earned high praise from indie music tastemakers like Fierce & Fabulous Revolution and LeFuturewave, who described the song as the “[the] perfect blend of pop and country music. Energetic, yet calm. Fun to listen to, worth many repeated listens.” (-LeFuturewave)

The video screams love and happiness as Parker dances around and takes in the sun poolside. “I’ll Keep You” is the first real love song for Parker, who has mostly written about the various types of turbulences in relationships up to this point. From ballads like “Fall Too Easy” to chill acoustic tracks like “I’m a Mess,” Parker has mastered the art of turning the depths of raw feelings into beautiful songs. Parker says she tried to really contrast previous releases and embrace a playful pop vibe throughout the entire project of “I’ll Keep You”. “From conception to production, this song has been a blast to create and I’m glad that it’s out in the world now!”