Rachel Ohnsman’s New Single, “Aphrodisiac”

This single is the first off of her upcoming album Moon Songs

So picture this: you meet someone, start drinking, sparks are flying, and you two start hooking up; but, in the back of your head you’re thinking, “how much of this ‘chemistry’ is just us being drunk,” “will it be the same tomorrow morning?” Sound familiar? Well Rachel Ohnsman has your number, and she’s bottled up all those chaotic, sexy confusions on her new single, “Aphrodisiac.” Being a song about those intoxicating encounters this track pulls off its own seduction, easing you in with its chill alt-electronic vibe, stirring your insides with its swirling atmospheric sounds, and finally capturing you with Rachel’s soft, lilting vocals.

It might sound like we’re blowing smoke, but “Aphrodisiac” shows an impressive adeptness for storytelling with sound, which shouldn’t come as much surprise with Rachel Ohnsman’s background in scoring music for film. With the help of her co-producer on this single, John Small (aka Sohn Jamal), the dreamy synths and acoustic guitar accents really fill out the production. But the star of this track really is Rachel’s gentle, inviting vocals; creating that magnetic environment and then hitting the perfect key changes to remind the listener of that lingering unanswered question, “how much of this is real?” Being the first track off of Rachel’s upcoming EP, Moon Songs, listeners everywhere have a lot to look forward to.

Rachel Ohnsman is a soul-pop singer who has always been passionate about music since she was a little girl. Rachel is now drawing from her influences to create original music that is true to herself. Using her real-life experiences to create catchy melodies and honest lyrics, Rachel seeks to create music that is not only true to her life but also relatable to her listeners.

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