Jess Middleton

President Street ‘Something to Believe’ Track Review

President Street break out of the box once again

When it comes to genre boundaries, President Street are truly a tricky one. Never one to go down the same path as anyone else, this latest track melds trip-hop, R&B, pop and more – all under the helm of Ruby’s powerful and honest vocals.

Detailing the return to self-assurance in the fallout of a toxic relationship, and overcoming adversity, this is the sort of uplifting song everyone is craving during the tumultuous year of 2020.

Ruby’s honey-sweet vocals kick off the song in acapella fashion, before the track is kicked into gear with slick production, reminiscent of early-2000s R&B.

The result is that of a wholly confident artist, with a song that screams triumphant independence from every aspect of its assured and assertive sound.