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Pop Powerhouse Riva Taylor chats to us about her latest project and upcoming album release

 2020 was a difficult year for us all, but that didn’t deter Pop Powerhouse Riva Taylor who not only released the first part of her album This Woman’s Heart .1, but created a virtual songwriters circle online to raise money for live music venues affected by Covid-19 pandemic. Now Riva has launched an initiative called the Strive Award which has been set up to help aspiring songwriters. We’ve caught up with the songstress to find out what 2021 has in store for her.

Since your album launched last spring, what else have you been up to in 2020?
It was a strange year not being able to do the usual things and I’ve really missed performing live. But its been a relatively creative time for me. I’ve written songs – many of which you will hear in the new year. And I’ve enjoyed taking a live songwriting show that I help organise (usually at the Roundhouse in London) online to raise money for venues who have had to close their doors during the pandemic.
We’re loving your latest single ‘Celebrate’, what is it about?
It’s about grief – something we will all experience in this life and navigate in our own way. It’s about celebrating life, the people who are no longer with us, and the future we all have.
You’ve also been busy working away on The Online Songwriters Circle and the Strive award, can you tell us what the award is and how it came about?
Yes! This is an offshoot from the Songwriters Circle community I mentioned above. It’s been lovely to see so many aspiring songwriters feed back and watch these rounds and I felt there must be so much talent amongst them, waiting to be heard. The award will judge the best of unsigned songwriting talent and the winner will appear at the next live Songwriters’ circle show as well as having their song produced professionally. The submissions so far have been fantastic and we look forward to welcoming more so please do send them into: https://onlinesongwriters-circle.com. We have judges including Simon Greenaway, VP at ASCAP, Grammy nominated songwriter and publisher Jeff Cohen, and renowned songwriting competition judge – Rachel Mason as some of the judges.
Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions and are you keeping to them?
To ‘Eat That Frog’ not literally. If anyone has read the book you’ll know. It’s all about tackling the things in life we put off, at the start of the day, so you can clear your mind of worry. And of course – making more time for the people I love. This year has highlighted that all the more.
What have you got coming up this year careerwise?
A few gigs in the diary for the summer – I’m keeping everything crossed! And a second part of the album (This Woman’s Heart .2). There’s a fresher sound on the next releases with a completely new production team. I’m looking forward to you hearing it.

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