Pop Artist Theresa Releases New Single “By Your Side”

NYC based Theresa releases buoyant new single about respect and love.

“My door is always open,” a saying as old as time gets a modern revival with the help of New York City-based pop artist Theresa and her upcoming single “By Your Side”, out now! Produced remotely during the current global pandemic by Latin Grammy Award-winning artist/producer Spencer Ludwig (Capital Cities), “By Your Side” is a buoyant new wave styled track that describes how respect and love can still remain long after a relationship has ended.

 Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Theresa had aspirations in becoming a musician since childhood. She wrote her first song at age 11 and closely studied the careers of Madonna and other stars of the 80s. Working to make her dream into a reality, she formed  The Yips, a rock band in her early 20’s, in which she was the lead singer and lyricist. After a string of unforeseen traumatic events, she decided to put her dreams aside. With a strong passion for all things music, Theresa re-focused her music career to work behind the scenes, taking roles at Jive Records and Sheryl Crow’s management company, W Management. Presently, as an established music advertising executive, Theresa has reignited her long-standing passion for songwriting and performing while sharing her story with the world – one song at a time. 

“By Your Side,” the new single by Theresa, is available on all streaming platforms now! 

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Music Advertising Executive by day and performer by night, Theresa is on a mission to provide a unique perspective within the current modern pop scene. As a proud quadragenarian (41 years old), the Long Island native draws heavy influence from popular artists of her youth like Blondie, Madonna, Duran Duran and Mariah Carey. Despite the unpredictable circumstances of the previous year, Theresa released “Kiss Kiss,” “Marathon” and her holiday track “Merry Christmas I Love You,” garnering close to 120K total streams on Spotify.

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