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Polymath AyChibs releases new garage influences single ‘Grounded’

Polymath AyChibs releases summery garage cut ‘Grounded’ ft. Weyland McKenzie, Careless and Penny Morr

AyChibs, the visual artist, DJ and Producer from North East London, is releasing new single Groundedft. Weyland McKenzie, Careless and Penny Morr.

DJ’ing for 3 years playing a range of genres from hip-hop to future beats and garage, he’s hosted various radio shows on NTS, Knowave, Balamii and Rinse.

AyChibs is also the founder of the creative enterprise A Bit Of Everything (ABOE), dedicated to connecting with artists through projects and unique experiences, promoting authenticity and collaboration throughout their work. In the past year they hosted Soulection‘s very own Brazilian Duo DKVPZ on the London leg of their European tour, DJ’d at Smino and Monte Booker‘s official tour after party and The Internet’s London party.

Multi-talented in visual art he recently worked on animation for Footlocker, music production for a Samsung advert, shooting and editing Tierra Whack for CRACK Magazine, editing Lynda Dawn’s video for ‘Any Way You Want’ and producing the music and directing the video for Frenzy’s track ‘Go’.

As well as frequently releasing music, edits and remixes on Soundcloud, sometimes under his alter-ego RnB Chibs, he released previous single ‘Homeland’ in December with a vibrant short visual experience that delves into the 2018 pilgrimage to his homeland – Abia, Nigeria.

In new single ‘Grounded’, AyChibs further demonstrates his ability, creating a glittering garage track that catapults you to summer: “I decided to go for a little garage bounce cos it was so vibesy, I don’t even know what inspired that, but it felt right. When I finished the beat, I played it in a few DJ sets just to see how it felt and everyone loved it.”

After sending the beat to his close collaborators Weyland McKenzie (for whom Chibs is creative director and DJ), and Careless, he describes how “a week later they both sent me back their versions of the track (which I wasn’t expecting) and I loved them both. I decided to put Weyland’s (with Penny Morr’s verse) and Careless’ version together to make one super smash hit song.”

The track is ultimately a reflection of Chibs’ playful nature – he even says himself: “I’m so confident about this I’m planning to send it to every DJ I know with the message “You’re silly if you don’t play this hit’.”

Groundedis available on all online platforms from 11th March.

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