Polish Singer/Songwriter Viktoria Vera Releases New Single “The Ocean”

Singer's first single of 2021 after a slew of 2020 releases

Starting with her first release of 2021, Boston-based Polish singer Viktoria Vera is beginning on a high note with the poetic & touching new single “The Ocean”. The track finds Vera blending the feeling of suffocating from work and stress and the hustle and bustle of a new city with the peace and beauty found while in nature. 

When asked about the inspiration behind “The Ocean” Viktoria Vera explains, “When I first came to Los Angeles I felt a different vibe in the lifestyle there because everyone was in a rush all the time; even if you want to stay and enjoy the beautiful view on the beach you have to go and do your work, people are constantly busy there. My new single is about that feeling of longing for connecting with nature as you are feeling the call of duty.”

Speaking further on the track Viktoria describes, “I was feeling lonely when I came to L.A. I was working so hard all the time but when I had a lot of stress during the day I went to the ocean and all of the stress was washed away because of the sea vibes and peaceful sounds. Nature really helps me to understand that people need to connect with their souls and wild side more. Living outdoors is how our brain receives vibrations. It’s important we understand how to be respectful of the environment and how you should take care of animals and nature. Sometimes we feel lonely and our connection with nature in solitude helps us to feel a sense of belonging.”

After “The Ocean” Viktoria Vera plans to release more singles leading up to a collection of songs.

2020 was a busy year for Viktoria Vera between collaborating with a number of Boston-based rappers, working feverishly on her debut collection, and garnering support on over 60+ curated Spotify playlists and editorial features in publications like Buzz Music LA, Rattler Magazine, and more. Now, with “The Ocean” as her first release of 2021, she marks the next chapter of her rising career.

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