POESY ‘Diamonds’ Track Review

POESY is back with the moody and mysterious new music video for her newest pop-rock anthem, ‘Diamonds’.

Canadian based songstress Sarah Botelho, otherwise known as POESY, is back with the moody and mysterious new music video for her newest pop-rock anthem, ‘Diamonds’.

Released last month, ‘Diamonds’ is gloriously encompassed in dark, mystical and alluring melodies, it was just the intense, raw and glistening pop-rock anthem we had all been eagerly anticipating from POESY. Written and recorded in her home-town of Toronto, the song’s narrative is largely influenced by POESY’s self-confessed fascination with time and the fact that nothing lasts forever; every moment, be it good or bad, is fleeting and temporary.

Here, POESY explains the meaning behind her single in her own words:

“‘Diamonds’ is at its core, a song about experiencing a dark time and trying to drag yourself through to the other side. It’s about the pressure you put on yourself that leaves you with dark inner turmoil. I’ve dragged myself out of that countless times so I hope ‘Diamonds’ can do that for someone else. I called it Diamonds because they’re a substance that is made under huge amounts of pressure, but they’re also so valuable – just like we are. So be gentle with yourself…” 

Playing off the themes of good and evil and light versus darkness, the music video to Diamond’s personifies these characteristics through POESY herself as she acts as ‘two sides of the same coin’. In one frame, she can be seen as an innocent-looking woman in a white dress being chased through the forest, and in the other frame, she’s the ‘evil’ version of herself, enshrouded in dark clothing with black hands and a sinister look in her eye.

The narrative of the music video perfectly encapsulates the feelings of dark inner turmoil and a desperate need to break free of the shackles of the mind. A poignant message, a powerful song and a breathtaking video, POESY continues to outdo herself and impress fans time and time again with each release. 

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