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Phia Reveals Her Latest Track ‘In Your Dreams’ Filled with Retro Pop Goodness

Hailing from Los Angeles, Alt-Pop artist, Phia Z, is giving us retro pop goodness in her gleaming new track ‘In Your Dreams’.

From a young age, Phia loved to connect with people on a more personal level. Luckily, this has manifested in the artist delivering Pop anthems that have people singing at the top of their lungs in front of mirrors and in cars around the world. Following the release of her last major single release, Baby Steps, (which amassed 120,000+ Spotify streams) ‘In Your Dreams’ is her latest alt-pop bop. 

In your Dreams’ delivers a colorful, nostalgic soundscape through the use of beaming synths, dynamic beats, and shimmery echoing productions. The strength and clarity the vocal melodies give us the uplifting, empowering feel you need to get up and seize the day.

Lyrically, Phia playfully acknowledges the relatable, comical dating scene of LA while also including her Greek-American heritage in the hook as she sings “sta oneira sou” meaning in your dreams. Phia explains, “I specifically wrote this song for the Instagram fame-seeking men of Los Angeles who live off their trust fund and think they can get with anyone. I playfully wrote this song to remind these types of men, wherever they may be in the world, that you can dream of having someone all you want, but it may never become a reality. Including a few Greek lyrics in the song was fun for me since “sta oneira sou” really upsets any Greek man with a fragile ego, but the strong know how to laugh it off.”

Phia has always viewed music as a tool she could use to help uplift the collective. With the promise of more to come (with production help from some big names including The Stereotypes, Bruno Mars, Miguel, Destiny Rogers), the artist is using sophisticated pop techniques to make a statement and let people know that she’s is not going anywhere.

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