Ozzy Osbourne ft Post Malone

Ozzy Osbourne ft Post Malone ‘It’s a Raid’ Track Review

A complete analysis of Ozzy Osbourne and Post Malone's 'It's a Raid'

Ozzy Osbourne, being a 72-year young man would be expected to mellow out and release music with less intensity than in his youth. Ozzy, being the legend he is defies all odds, expectations, and adversity to release an absolute banger of a track.

The final track on the album ‘Ordinary Man’, It’s a Raid describes the story of a young Ozzy during the recording of the Black Sabbath 1972 album Vo. 4 of a police raid in a Bel-Air mansion. It provides a humorous glimpse of a past life filled with all of the alcohol and cocaine in the world. A cartoon music video was published on February 11, 2021, recounting the events that unfolded. One can’t help but laugh at Ozzy’s storytelling skills which are further emphasized through the music video.

The song begins by tearing through the listener’s ears with ripping and distorted bass lines from Rob Nicholson, not unlike those from Motorhead, with a similar bass tone; distorted and plays close to the neck for added effect This song, almost is like if Motorhead had written a punk rock song.  In the background, sirens are heard and Ozzy bellowing “IT’S A RAAAAIIDD”.  The pounding drums of Tommy Clufetos definitely create a heavy, and fast-paced atmosphere. Ozzy’s vocals throughout the song truly do reflect a long, fruitful, and drug-fueled life. With an echo effect added. Ozzy’s vocals contrast very nicely with Post Malone, who surprisingly has a very powerful scream very fitting for a metal song, with the same effect for consistency. There is a prolonged breakdown section that does not necessarily leave a lasting impression, although does provide some momentary grooves and a slight break from the insanity. The song then breaks into the intro bassline which incorporates legato techniques for fluid, controlled chaos. Ending in profanity from Ozzy and a very subtle and short solo from Zakk Wylde. Wylde’s wild guitar playing although is great, does not shine through in this track, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as Wylde does serve the song very fittingly.

All in all, the track is very solid and listening to the song, one would not know Ozzy is 72 years old, considering its intensity. Post Malone’s vocals fit very well specifically his chorus, although he could have been given more lines. This was one of the better tracks of 2020.