OpenSoul Drops the Beautiful ‘Differences’

This R&B banger is both catchy and classic

A beautiful offering that reflects his musical moniker, OpenSoul bears all in his delicate new track ‘Differences’.

The R&B artist, who worked alongside producer Jeia on the single, explores the intimate moments of romance, using gentle guitar plucks, soaring harmonies and ornamented vocals to capture the essence of young love. Paired with enthralling visuals that marry with the ambience of the music, OpenSoul’s desires match his partner performing a ballet segment on stage as he gazes on. ‘Differences’ explores the things that give each person in a relationship their individuality, yet brings them together”, the Jamaican singer-songwriter explains, and this enchanting narrative shows his ability to translate his personal experiences into songs that many will resonate with.

A true creative, OpenSoul’s talents also include acting, as he is one of the stars of Netflix’s hit drama Top Boy, amongst many other accolades. With his previous releases such as ‘Hold Steady’ and ‘Scarred Hearts At War’ reaching over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone, he is already one to watch this year, and ‘Differences’ is a perfect example as to why.

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