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Shri Baratan

Nonviolenze ‘Ghosts of War’ Album Review

Genre-bending and Artistic - Nonviolenze's 'Ghosts of War' is Inspired

Nonviolenze ‘Ghosts of War’ Album Review
A unique set of songs with impactful and deep lyrics - Ghosts of War is a must-listen for 2020
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There hasn’t been much since the days of Pink Floyd that has felt as ground-breaking and as unique. Enter Shri Baratan, better knows as ‘Nonviolenze’ who has delivered in his new album ‘Ghosts of War’ a part of the genre-bending and haunting music we so desperately needed.

Born in India and now based in Houston, Texas, Nonviolenze is Shri Baratan, a singer, songwriter and guitarist who fuses rock with jazz, pop and blues to create stunning tracks which evolve into mini worlds in which to explore a myriad of themes.

The album opens with track ‘Queen’, a calming and beautiful track that introduces the listener straight away to the freestyle rhythms, fingerpicking and sparkling harmonics that feature throughout the album.

The title track begins with sound effects of what sounds like a warzone, with the sound of shots being fired and the wind blowing. It’s reminiscent of some of the sound sampling used on The Wall by Pink Floyd. The haunting track showcases Nonviolenze giving his all to the vocals, alongside stunning chord progressions.

Other stand out tracks include: Mirror and Electroc. Mirror is a track that is fuelled by emotion, a takes you on a journey through love, fear, happiness and rage. Electron and Matrix can be enjoyed alongside music videos.

Watch the music for Electron here:

The album ends with ‘Last Thought’, an appropriate ending for the album. The song’s lyrics are profound and deep, leading the listener to question their final thought before their last breath and whether it is the key to your afterlife.

Unconventional yet immediately engaging, Nonviolenze’s debut album, Ghosts of War brings together global electric and acoustic musical styles with challenging social and philosophical commentary, nine tracks which will linger long in the memory. Touching upon subjects such as poverty, politics, human rights and equality, Ghosts of War highlights that what makes each of us different is what should unite us not divide us.

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