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Nolai ‘Through My Eyes’ Track Review

Producer-come-artist Nolai has dropped his latest track 'Through My Eyes'.

The multi-talented producer turned artist Nolai has dropped a new track “Through My Eyes” that is a captivating blend of classic electro-pop beats. An upbeat and addictive pop beat runs throughout the track, with the ever present melodic synths remaining a focal point. Infusing “Through My Eyes” with a dynamic and addictive beat, Nolai has created a stand out energetic track. 

“I’ve always had a thing for the night, that’s when I feel alive,” Nolai divulges the inspiration behind his track. “It has something intriguing that keeps me awake and chases my dreams or has me in my feelings. Especially in the city. Riding through the night in my cabriolet, wild places, colorful lights, women and the rush that keeps me on track and inspired.

Bridging the gap between alternative R&B, Synth Pop, and Elecronica, Nolai aims to create his own unique up-tempo soundscape. Having already embarked on a successful career as a producer Nolai changed focus in June 2019 when he started to focus on honing his own skills as an artist. Since then he has released a steady stream of music that showcases the captivating and unique talents of a young artist.

“Through My Eyes” is the latest example of such talents, cementing Nolai as a promising new musician. 

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