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NOFX ‘Single Album’ Album Review

Fast pace and in your face, with NOFX latest release.

NOFX ‘Single Album’ Album Review
NOFX fourteenth studio album called 'Single Album' is another solid outing from these California punk rockers, and if your a fan of NOFX, then this is right up your alley.
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NOFX, the pure definition of punk rock, and whereas many have signed for major labels, they stood firm to the roots of what punk rock is.  Their DIY do it yourself attitude is prevalent in their music to their label ‘Fat Wreck Chords’, which has given us bands from Less Than Jake to Anti Flag their first start in the scene.

Music-wise, NOFX has always been on the hardcore side of the punk rock spectrum and more of an acquired taste. With, their very honest lyrics from Fat Mike and the loud distorted guitars and bass, which haven’t really change that much over the years, this has created a sound that is very recognisable, that people even love or hate.

Their latest release called Single Album which was originally to be a double album, but due to the Fat Mike cutting half of the songs due to them not being good enough, it was reduced back to a Single album, this was stated with his interview with The Lawrence Arms’ Brendan Kelly’s podcast “Road to the Skeleton Coast

“When you write a double album, you write differently” Fat Mike says. “I was writing really different songs, and some fun songs, but you have to make a double album interesting enough to listen to the whole way. I wanted to make a perfect double album, and I didn’t accomplish that. So I decided to just make a single album, hence the title

As for the album itself, there isn’t anything crazy here in the sense of tone, but you do get some surprises. The Big Drag being a six-minute opener, which you don’t typically get from NOFX, Fish in a Gun Barrel and Doors and Fours they tip their toes with a bit of reggae and country respectively.

Linewleum, which feats Avenged Sevenfold gets us a cool crossover of styles and actually works pretty well. But you do get classic NOFX, with songs like Fuck Euphemism, Birmingham, My Bro Cancervive Cancer and Grieve Soto etc.

Lyrics wise, this is a very dark and personal album. This isn’t new for NOFX which isn’t afraid to touch on subjects of that nature. With songs like The Big Drag which looks at making the most of life, Fish in a Gun Barrel touch on mass shootings, and My Bro Cancervive Cancer and Grieve Soto paying tribute to friends and fans alike.

But overall, another solid outing from these California punk rockers, and if your a fan of NOFX, then this is right up your alley.