Dani Saldo's musical influences include artists such as Lorde, Joji and Julia Michaels.

Dani Saldo has made her return to the airwaves with the fun and sassy number No Strings Attached, armed with a bright and dancy chorus that’s guaranteed to get your body moving.

No Strings Attached (NSA) is the second single from the 21-year-old, budding pop star’s discography, following on from her debut single ‘Friends Don’t’, released earlier this year. In contrast to Friend’s Don’t and its woeful lyrics and melody, its predecessor, NSA, is a bouncy and uplifting pop anthem just right for the summer. 

The track immediately begins with Saldo’s vocals singing “what the hell is up with me lately?” followed by a trail of dreamy, echo-y synths and gentle percussion. The song then smoothly transitions into the chorus’ drum-fill in a fist-pumping crescendo, before suddenly returning to silence and Saldo’s sorrowful voice once again asking “who the hell have I been lately?”

When asked about the making of No Strings Attached, Saldo explains that:

“This one has a big fat drum fill before the chorus and a very empty, almost sobering bridge. I wanted to reflect the moments when you know you’re running from a problem or hurt and you’re just drunk off your ass dancing and crying about your ex and contrast them with the uncomfortable “Who the fuck am I? Why am I doing this? What do I do without my ex? I miss them”. The way it’s produced kinda reminds me of when you go to the washroom or step out of a party. It’s a weirdly sobering moment amidst all the noise. But then you step back in to the dance and get wasted and forget after.” 

So despite NSA’s cheerful exterior facade, the heart of the song itself is tinged with a relatable sadness and vulnerability typical of Saldo’s songwriting. Her musical influences include artists such as Lorde, Joji and Julia Michaels, all of whom are uniquely mirrored in Saldo’s honest and introspective lyricism, that delicately yet boldly unveils a wisdom beyond her years.

Dani Saldo’s musical career is only just beginning but her early steps have been particularly promising. She is currently in the process of completing the final touches of her debut EP ‘Heartache’ due to be released later in the year.