niecesandnephews shares new single “Snapping Out Of It”

It's off his latest EP Hit By A Parked Car

Electronic artist niecesandnephews has shared his latest single “Snapping Out Of It” – coming off his new EP Hit By A Parked Car.

“Snapping Out Of It’ describes the moment when you realize that the relationship you’re in isn’t going the way you hoped. They were trying to fill a void and you became collateral damage. But you don’t want to leave because then you lose this fake ‘love’ they were giving. It’s that weird space in time when you find out you were being used and the road you thought you saw was no longer than a driveway.” – niecesandnephews

The rising producer’s EP Hit By A Parked Car, also out now, features four other tracks that similarly all utilise both organic instrumentation and glitchy, electronic effects, as well as cleverly manipulating the vocals of niecesandnephews – as can be heard on “Snapping Out Of It”.

Overall it’s a beautifully produced project that sounds even sweeter as the first signs of Spring arrive. From the shimmering foliage on the trees to the clear, crisp blue skies. Soak it up, enjoy.

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