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Nick Jonas Launches New Single, “This Is Heaven”

The second single from Jonas' upcoming solo album, "This Is Heaven" talks about his love for his wife

Nick Jonas is back! Last week he released the first single off his upcoming album, “Spaceman,” with the same name. On March 4th, Jonas released another one. “This Is Heaven” is about his wife, Priyanka Chopra, and how being with her feels like heaven.

Don’t worry Jonas Brothers fans. He didn’t break the band up again. In fact, DNCE and the Jonas Brothers are slated to release new albums this year as well.

The song sounds a lot like songs that were on the previous Jonas Brothers album, “Happiness Begins.” It is so refreshing to hear songs about their wives and how truly happy they are even in these hard times.

Jonas posted that this album is mostly about Chopra and the times we are living in.

He performed this song and his other single on Saturday Night Live on February 27th when he did double duty for the first time.

His new album is now available for pre-order. What do you think of “This Is Heaven?” It is available to stream on all platforms. Jonas has yet to release music videos for the new music, but lyric videos did drop on Youtube.

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“Spaceman” will be Jonas’ fifth studio solo album. The last album he released was “Last Year was Complicated” in 2016, before reuniting the Jonas Brothers.

The album will be released on March 12th and feature 11 songs. It was made entirely during quarantine and has that theme to it- of being separated from Priyanka and missing his family and friends.

In fact, Jonas said there are four central themes- Distance, Indulgence, Euphoria, and Commitment.

He hopes this music will really connect everyone since we have all been so divided from this pandemic.

We cannot wait to hear the full thing!

The track listing for Spaceman is ...

  1. Don’t Give Up On Us
  2. Heights
  3. Spaceman
  4. 2Drunk
  5. Delicious
  6. This Is Heaven
  7. Sexual
  8. Deeper Love
  9. If I Fall
  10. Death Do Us Part
  11. Nervous

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