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New single “Glow” from Aibai is a Dreamers Paradise

New track "Glow" by producer Aibai featuring artist Swims

Minneapolis’ 23-year-old producer Aibai, has released her latest dreamland single “Glow”. After producing and songwriting for the track, she collaborated with alt/indie artist Swims. alibi aims to go for an indietronica vibe sharing “with the indie vocals of Des who goes by Swims (and is the bass player in Early Eyes) combined with my ambient music, I was able to produce the indietronica sound I was going for!”.

The song narrates the rebirth of becoming newly single, whilst the sound is inspired by the feelings and experience of being submerged in nature, a peaceful, serene paradise. Composed of hazy, smokey vocals atop swirling synths., rain and bird sounds, electric strings, and a soft clapping beat that is the heartbeat of the track. This is a utopia to submerge yourself into, not only are the lyrics beautiful as is the production. Aibai is super talented and were excited to see what she has next.