Nadia Vaeh delivers pounding BellaBeats remix of ‘Naked’

Atlanta native brings some serious noise to her latest rework

With her previous offerings ‘Boomerang’ and ‘RiSE’ still proving themselves as massive hits across all spectrums, Atlanta native and IMA ‘Vox Pop’ winner Nadia Vaeh now shares the new BellaBeats remix of her 2019 single ‘Naked’.

Reinventing the original with its fresh and diverse sound, producer BellaBeats looks to go to town on this bold and vibrant new direction.

Speaking about the new remix, she said, “When Drew Dugan, my buddy in Colorado, and I linked up to work on a remix, I was pumped when he chose Naked out of all my songs. Writing Naked was such a pivotal moment for me. As I hone in on another personal and professional transformation, it has been a really incredible experience to hear this production metamorphose through his creativity.”

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