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The Lexington in London is one of the 30 'at risk' venues

‘Music Venue Trust’ Announce New Campaign To Save Grassroots Music Venues.

CODE RED! #saveourvenues

For a country and terribly run government that attempts to boast about the historical art this country has from William Shakespeare to The Beatles, even Ed Sheeran, their attempt to help the arts industry and talented individuals is a first class disgrace. During this global pandemic, the UK has been hit hard and the obvious proof of how much the music business is struggling, is a reflection of this governments failure.

However, many campaigns have shown their endless support through the love and frustration of this ever growing business and and the ‘Music Venue Trust’ is one of them. ‘Music Venue Trust’ is a UK registered charity which acts to protect, secure and improve grassroots music venues across the nation. Despite a grant being offered to help the arts by the government earlier this year, it sadly wasn’t enough to save the whole industry and it’s taken a vicious backwards step to the beginning.

In the words of the organisers at ‘Music Venue Trust’;

“During the last 8 months, Music Venue Trust and Crowdfunder have worked together to prevent the closure of hundreds of grassroots music venues. With no end to the crisis in sight, we are now refocusing that work to spotlight those venues under most imminent threat of permanent closure. The #SaveOurVenues Red List highlights the grassroots music venues at most risk.”

30 music venues have now been given the ‘red light’ as they are on the brink of permanent closure. ‘Music Venue Trust’ have announced a new campaign to help save the 30 venues that are now on the critical list. A list of venues that a genre-spanning array of bands and artists have performed at such as Dua Lipa, Wolf Alice, Muse, Hot Chip, Skindred and The Vaccines. We all miss live music as much as the next person so as Dave Ghrol once said, “Hey, don’t let it go to waste!”

Grassroots music venues are ESSENTIAL! They are absolutely vital to the production and development of new artists and without these venues, I sincerely promise you that most of the bands and artists you love wouldn’t have the recognition they have gained over the years. Find out more about this amazing campaign here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/save-our-venues-red-list

Whether you are part of this industry or not, please help by showing the support you can and donate some money. The money you spend will help save the grassroots venues and when the world returns to a relative normal, the venues you love and the venues you play will have survived. Do what you can to help the essential venues that are in dire straits (pun intended).

Donate what you can via this link: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/mvtredalert