Mungbean ‘I Love You Say It Back’ Album Review

US indie-rockers offer up a diverse and adventurous debut album

Mungbean ‘I Love You Say It Back’ Album Review
A bold and stunning debut that showcases their fresh and inventive direction
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With an enormous amount of praise already landing for their previously shared singles over the last few years, US outfit Mungbean have quickly proven themselves to be one of the most diverse and explorative groups emerging today. With hints of disco, funk, and dream-pop all intertwined with their glossy indie-rock demeanour, they have built quite the reputation for fresh and exciting delights, and now look to showcase that repertoire on their debut album ‘I Love You Say It Back’.

Much like their output to date, ‘I Love You Say It Back’ is just as adventurous as we’d hoped for. Spiralling effortlessly between a menagerie of different direction through a lens of broad and euphoric songwriting gives the release an eclectic yet distinctive sound. Produced exquisitely throughout, each song has its own unique identity and presents the five-piece as something far bigger than the next mill-of-the-mill indie-rock collective.

It has this rich and ambient feel that manages to penetrate even the more lively and upbeat cuts on this new collection, giving the album a driven pace that is hard not to get swept away with. In all, Mungbean are looking set to become a great addition to the underground music scene, something that isn’t afraid to pursue new and interesting ideas, and deliver bold and vibrant releases in the process.

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