MUNDU ‘Brag & Boast’ Track Review

South London's MUNDU returns with his latest offering 'Brag & Boast'

Rising UK star MUNDU returns with his latest offering, ‘Brag & Boast’, a swagger filled super cool R&B/trap mashup, and accompanying music video which is sure to leave you feeling big, bad and braggadocious.

Inspired by artists like Pink Floyd, Pharell and Coldplay, MUNDU’s tastes are vast and varied, meaning his own musical releases are almost never the same. The South London artist has been entertaining fans and friends on his Youtube channel where he’d regularly drop song covers and mashups, earning him a loyal following. Now, armed with his first official release since 2019’s ‘Hana’ EP, MUNDU’s ‘Brag & Boast’ acts as a much-appreciated palette cleanser, giving fans a sneak peek into what the next chapter of MUNDU’s musical career might hold.

When asked about the making of ‘Brag & Boast’, MUNDU shared that:

“’Brag and Boast’ originally started as a freestyle celebrating the wins that I have experienced this year in the midst of the global pandemic, as well as the goals I am currently working to hit. Having first heard the instrumental by Kaelin Ellis (Lupe Fiasco, Virgil Abloh, Kaytranada) through a video that he posted on social media, I instantly fell in love with it and began writing the first verse with the video on repeat. Following that, I downloaded the instrumental and recorded the freestyle as a response.

After posting this on social media, I immediately received a heightened response from my audience (including praise from the likes of Kojey Radical, Chi “Chopper” Lewis-Parry and more), followed by a conversation with Kaelin Ellis in which we decided to begin the process of releasing the song in full. Following this, I began to build on the freestyle and develop the concept of celebrating both current and future wins. This created the song that we have now, allowing my audience to ‘Brag and Boast’ about making it through a difficult year.”

With a fun, jaunty trap beat from Kaelin Ellis and MUNDU’s lovely choir coached vocals, ‘Brag & Boast’ is a tune that we all need in our lives during these difficult times. It reminds us to all to be grateful for what we have, raise a toast and celebrate all the little wins we make along the way.

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