Anna Selle

Multi-Instrumentalist Fritz Hutchison Provides Comfort In His New Visual

KC-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist returns with a charming yet ... video for his single "Cold Comfort", off of his debut album "Wide Wild Acres". The perfect track to guide us into the cold winter months ahead.

Kansas-City born and bred, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist Fritz Hutchison, is back with a wonderfully charming music video for his delightful tune “Cold Comfort”. The track is the fifth song from his debut album Wide Wild Acres– that we couldn’t recommend more!

The video shot and edited by Fritz himself is an amalgam of scenes of Fritz performing, views from a road trip and Fritz’s childhood, pulling from some home videos.  

Fritz on the video: “This is a sad song, one about a relationship’s fibers fraying in the moments before the line snaps, but I must admit that while watching the images of my sister, my parents and me flicker in the woods, I felt bound stronger than ever to a time I lived but can’t remember, and the figures to whom I owe my survival. I hope this video brings to your mind the people you love the most, and I hope that if they see it, they think of you.”

Check out the other killer tracks on Fritz’s debut album Wide Wild Acres, release via KC-based label Center Cut Records, you won’t regret it!

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