mokina drops new ep vol.1

It follows up her 2019 EP Sunday

Today we share the new EP from Canadian singer mokina entitled vol.1.

The release sees mokina team up with producer carbeau, who together create a project filled with an eclectic range of sounds and inspirations from electronic to bedroom pop to Bossa Nova. It also features an array of Portugese spoken word samples that compliment the quaint and personal feel of vol.1.

mokina has been soothing audiences with “her singing and songwriting on a different level of satisfying [fifteen gallery]” since 2018, blending nuances of jazz, r&b and electronic music through lush vocal harmonies and intricate synth and keyboard lines. Her debut singles landed her in front of crowds in Boston, New-York, Montreal and LA within weeks of their release, followed by her full-length EP sunday which made ripples in the new-wave neo-soul scene.

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