MOBS ‘Big World (GOLDHOUSE remix)’ Track Review

The US DJ offers a fresh take on the MOBS' past single

Remixing a track is never an easy job. For many the original will simply always be better, or for others, the idea of their beloved artist/band being reworked by another is too much to handle. Fortunately on ‘Big World’, DJ Goldhouse has taken the core sonic elements of MOBS’ original and subtly amplified them to offer a refreshing alternative.

Goldhouse utilises the track’s already upbeat groove and expands this into a fully-fledged, euphoric disco offering – packed with shimmering synths, house-inspired drums and clever manipulation of the lyrics from MOBS’ frontman Jordan Clarey.

Goldhouse has a history of remixing notable names such as Lady Gaga, Fleetwood Mac and Billie Eilish, and it was this remix of the superstar singer’s ‘Ocean Eyes’ that caught the attention of MOBS.

“We were in lockdown with COVID and decided to bring a different energy to a collective favourite song off the album, which is when Goldhouse entered the picture”, explains bassist Scott MacDougall. “We loved the work he did for Billie Eilish’s ‘Ocean Eyes’ and thought that Goldhouse’s producing talent could bring a different groove to the work we did on that song. This upbeat rework got us dancing in a different way to ‘Big World’ and we hope it has the same effect on you.”

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