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Minna Ora ‘Sea’ Track Review

Minna Ora Is Back With 'Sea'.

Minna Ora is back, and she means business with her new release ‘Sea’, sending a shockwave across the music industry.

It has a flowing cadence that is memorable, and I enjoy how the arrangement matches the track’s meaning. However, the lyrics do not give too much away, and the spoken words are ambiguous. Nevertheless, as a whole, it is reasonably plausible to suggest that the track is about finding oneself in a twilight zone between reality and fantasy. Although, many may argue that it just about letting ourselves go and expressing individuality. Similar to how the sea flows naturally.

Vocally, Minna’s voice echoes around with soothing quality, and she brings out the power in her voice within the chorus sections. Her tone is also super sharp, and her vocal colours blend well with the harmonic arrangements, which leap out in the midsections.

Overall, ‘Sea’ is a special kind of delivery. Furthermore, it has a gentle folky feel from yesteryear, but it also brings a powerful driving force with a sturdy foundation that gives the track an edge that is tricky to locate elsewhere. So much so, I can candidly say that I have never heard anything quite like this one before. Yes, it takes a hint from many places, but it combines many of the tracks I have listened to previously into one, and I am left wondering, ‘Why has nobody done this before?’.

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