Michaela’s newest R&B venture is her most impressive yet

'Cuffed' is the latest offering from LA artist Michaela who has teamed up with co-writer Dominiquinn.

Hailing originally from New York, Michaela crashed onto the scene with her roots firmly in neo-soul and R&B, and she is still dropping tracks that better the last. ‘Cuffed’ is no exception, and is our must listen of 2021 so far.

Speaking of the meaning behind her new release, Michaela reveals: “I thought being in a relationship would give me the sense of stability I craved, but falling in love was something I never bargained for. Love complicates everything.”

Discussing “Cuffed” and his role as co-writer, Dominiquinn explains:

“Writing “Cuffed” definitely brought out the true Cancer side of me. I was inspired by a lot of the relationships I’ve been in and how I functioned in all of those relationships. I’ve found myself giving 110% while the other person isn’t returning even half of that. I was wanting so much more and I was refusing to acknowledge that I wasn’t going to get that, so I kept pursuing a love that just wasn’t ready for me yet.”

Loaded with astute production and conversational lyrics, Michaela is as emotive and authentic as ever. She is one who continues to show her potential and talent, and can’t wait to hear what is coming next.